How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft?

Internet users become a victim of identity theft when they fall prey to phishing mails, malware, or spyware. Hence, it's imperative to use a program that secures personal information to secure yourself.

Advanced Identity Protector is one of the best identity protection tools to safeguard your digital identity.

Social Security Identity Theft

When Social Security Number (SSN) is stolen by a perpetrator, to perform illegal activities like: stealing money, forging fraudulent documents to open credit card accounts.

Financial Identity Theft

When credit card/bank account details are stolen to make illegal transactions. That leads to not only monetary losses but also harms individual’s image/financial security.

Synthetic ID Theft

A sophisticated type of identity fraud where partially or completely fabricated identities are used. Hackers combine Social Security Number with any other information that does not match to the one listed.


Scans for Identity Exposing Traces

Advanced Identity Protector’s robust and advanced scan engine looks for any privacy exposing traces stored on the system. It then allows user to either store these details in a Secure Vault or to delete them so that no one can access them.


Secure Vault

People have a habit of saving card details, social security number and other personal information online for faster checkouts. Doing so they forget the danger they are putting themselves into. Advanced Identity Protector offers an in-built Secure Vault to store and protect all this information that can make you a victim of identity theft.


Find traces automatically

Save yourself from the trouble of scanning system manually, simply setup a schedule and run automatic scan to secure your data. Hence, keeping your identity safe from lurking cybercriminals.


Scan Windows Registry

Windows registry is a crucial part of Windows, deleting anything without knowledge can hamper Windows functions. Therefore, Advanced Identity Protector only scans for identity exposing traces leaving other registry data intact.

Areas Protected by
Advanced Identity Protector

Web Browsers

All versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox *, and Google Chrome.

*Items not availavble for Microsoft Store build

Email Clients*

Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express etc.

*Items not availavble for Microsoft Store build

Documents & Files

All file formats such as doc, docx, xlsx, xls, pdf, txt, rtf etc.

Windows Registry

Detects any hidden sensitive information in Windows Registry

Major Government Organizations

That Monitor Your Identity
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