How Advanced Identity Protector Works

Using Advanced Identity Protector is extremely simple. Once the software gets installed, just launch it and click on Start Scan Now to quickly identify any hidden traces of your identity. These traces contain sensitive information such as email ids, login ids, passwords, credit card numbers, contact information and social security number etc. Once these traces are identified, you can choose to move them to Secure Vault, delete them permanently or add them to exclusion list.

The scan results are neatly organized in different categories so you can choose what to delete and what to store in Secure Vault. Once moved to Secure Vault, the information is encrypted and accessible via a password known only to you.

Protect Information

Safeguards all kinds of sensitive information such as passwords, emails, online transactions, and much more.

All Your Information in one Place

Saves all your identity information in one place. No more fiddling with documents!

Easy Access

Forget multiple passwords and numbers. Just remember one master password of your vault.

Areas Protected by
Advanced Identity Protector

Web Browsers

Chrome, Opera & Firefox

Email Clients



All file formats doc, docx, xlsx, xls, notes, txt, rtf etc.

Secure Vault

Information in Secure Vault can be referred while checking for traces.

How does Identity Theft happen?

Your personal or sensitive information accumulates at various places on your Mac such as web browsers, files, emails, etc., while you pay bills, shop, bank or trade shares online. There is a huge possibility that this information may be accessed by cybercriminals who can misuse this information.

If they have access to this data, hackers may try to use your identity to shop online, trade shares or even transact in your bank. You can suffer considerable financial losses as a result of identity theft. Identity theft is not limited to financial losses; thieves can even commit a crime in your name, leaving you to face the consequences. Do not wait till identity theft strikes you, instead; you must search for a solution to enjoy a life free from different forms of identity theft.

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